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Dr. Valenzuela describes how the majority of his patients are United States citizens experiencing dental tourism. Americans can receive high-quality dentistry at a much more affordable price when they visit our practice. Dr. Valenzuela uses only the best technology and materials.

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Ninety-eight percent of the patients we see here are from the US. So we make it easier for them to come across by having a shuttle pick them up at the border. If they're staying at one of the hotels where we have a corporate account, we have a driver pick them up from the hotel, bring them down to the border, and at the border, they're picked up by our shuttle. And as well they get a more affordable rate by entering our corporate account. When a patient has had a large procedure done, and is tired, and has had surgery, for example, we give them a medical file that they can show the CBP Officers and they don't have to wait in line that long. I know there are misconceptions related to work or dental work being done in Mexico. So I have trained in the US, I have taken care of patients in the US. I was actually born in the US, too. However, I like to practice here because it gives me the opportunity to help patients on a level where they maybe could not afford dentistry in the US. I mean, our overhead is way, way less. Our expenses, or are fixed expenses, are way less. But the quality of the material either comes from the States of Europe. And we are ADA members outside . . . although we are not in the US, we are ADA-certified. Many times, when we have patients coming in from the US, they bring their husbands, their wives, their kids, and sometimes go shopping, go into restaurants, or do different activities in the area. So they can spend the day down here and have some fun.


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Dr. Valenzuela is light-hearted, funny, and does everything he can to put you at ease.

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