Revitalize Your Smile with Teeth Whitening


Dr. Valenzuela offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening. He explains that a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide breaks apart dental stains. Patients can achieve a brighter brighter after just one treatment session.

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The type of teeth whitening we offer in the office is Zoom Teeth Whitening. Basically, a curing light, or a light, is placed and a hydrogen peroxide-based gel is placed on their teeth. A good candidate for bleaching would be somebody who drinks coffee, or tea, or has smoked before. Wine can also be one of the causes for teeth changing color. A patient that is not a good candidate for tooth whitening would be someone that has gingival recessions, or already sensitive teeth. Sometimes, tetracycline staining, it's too tough to remove the stain or it's not going to do anything. For a patient that is not a good candidate for dental whitening, we offer veneers, porcelain veneers. For most of our patients, we can achieve a brighter smile within just one visit.


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