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Doug's Testimonial

Doug's Porcelain Veneers Testimonial


In this porcelain veneers testimonial, Doug tells us why he chose Dr. Valenzuela. Dr. Valenzuela's sheer expertise and credentials in dentistry allowed Doug to make a confident decision. He says his crowns and veneers look great, and his oral health and confidence have increased.

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Hi, my name's Doug Mallet. I'm having a lot of work done, a lot of crowns, crown replacements, and veneers. I came in to get some general work done. I had some bite issues. I had a couple of crowns that weren't feeling too great. Spoke with Dr. Jose. I was really impressed with the initial procedure, the photography, taking a lot of photos of the face. And I was also impressed with his manner and his knowledge. I spoke to Dr. Jose a bit, and I'd done some research on the basics of various procedures, and I was impressed by his knowledge. I mean, he does a lot of continuing education. He teaches other dentists. There is no end of diplomas and other professional materials up on the walls. He's in some of the trade magazines. It was very impressive. I mean, the reason I got so much work done is I completely trusted him. And I found him to be very much concerned about the person, and in dental, because it's such a personal issue, this is extremely important. A lot of dentists are master technicians, but if you miss the human element, you're missing a lot. I've had dental work done all around the world and I'm so extraordinarily impressed with Dr. Jose.

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