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Dr. Jose Valenzuela describes the community he has created within his dental practice. Several patients discuss his expertise, gentle touch, and friendliness. His comprehensive offerings have attracted patients from all across the United States.

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Female 1: He's very light-hearted, and funny, and does everything he can to...put you at ease. Female 2: I have had nothing but great, great service. Female 3: The patients love Dr. Jose. They come from Canada, Washington, from far places just to come and see him and he's a really, really great person. Dr. Valenzuela: My name is Jose Valenzuela and I practice dentistry here at Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. We are located in Los Algodones, Mexico. What made me want to go into the field of dentistry was basically seeing my father practice for 30 years and that made me want to go into this field. We've done hundreds and hundreds of hours of continuing education at various U.S. universities. We've made this practice into a boutique practice with attention to detail and giving the patients the most aesthetic smile they've wanted. Female 4: Dr. Valenzuela is a perfectionist. Female 1: And he is very . . . he's very meticulous about his work. I was amazed when I came, that the technology I saw in Dr. Valenzuela's office was more up to date than where I had been going in Wyoming and Colorado. Dr. Valenzuela: The technology we use is digital imaging, digital radiography, a CAT Scan machine, lasers. These technologies help achieve better results and are more comfortable for the patient. Male 1: I mean, the reason I got so much work done is I completely trust him. And I found him to be a very much concerned about the person. And in dental, because it's such a personal issue, this is extremely important. A lot of dentists are master technicians, but if you miss the human element, you're missing a lot. Dr. Valenzuela: We like to treat patients as if they were family. We like to give the patients options of treatment, hear them, know what their expectations are, and basically make them feel at ease or comfortable in the dental office or in the dental setting. Female 1: The thing that I liked the best about Dr. Valenzuela is that Jose has the touch. You can tell, when he's working on your teeth, he knows what he's doing. Dr. Valenzuela: I think what a healthy smile represents to a person is a reflection of themselves, a reflection of happiness, being able to look better, to feel better, to function better. In many cases, changing the patient's smile is a life changing experience. Female 4: I am so very happy with the results I . . . I have gotten from Dr. Valenzuela. It has made such a difference in my life. It really has. Female 2: He . . . he takes the time out to visit, remembers who we are every time we pop in year after year. It's very, very personal. And so is the whole staff. They remember your names. It's . . . it's just awesome. Female 4: I love this place. I cannot say enough positive about it.

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