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Debbie's Story

Full Mouth Reconstruction Testimonial


In this full mouth reconstruction testimonial, Debbie explains how Dr. Valenzuela improved her oral health. After her customers recommended him, she reached out to Dr. Valenzuela. She now feels confident when smiling.

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My name is Debbie, Debbie [Blasheim], and I originally came to this doctor because I had root canals done years ago and they had broken off and my mouth was a mess. I own a business and when I decided to come to Mexico because they wanted so much money in the United States, they, out of like 17 customers that I talked to, seven of them gave me his name, Dr. Valenzuela's name. So I figured that would be the best shot. Actually, after them recommending him to me, I called and talked to Cindy and she was just a sweetheart. When I walked through the door the first time, it's been kind and comfortable ever since. Dr. Valenzuela is a perfectionist. He is very proud of his work and he has a great personality. He's a caring individual and I enjoy being in the room with him. The staff is wonderful. The staff will go the extra mile for you. I've had the staff take me straight to the border, to walk me out the first time I was here. I live up by Flagstaff in Arizona and I travel. It's usually a five and a half, six-hour drive. The drive is definitely worth it, definitely worth it. I love this place. I cannot say enough positive about it. At least five or six times a day, I recommend him to others. I've given out probably 100 of his cards. It has made such a difference in my life, it really has. I am so very happy with the results I have gotten from Dr. Valenzuela.

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