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Dr. Valenzuela explains the importance of general dentistry. He offers periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, and Invisalign® to help patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health. His six-month checkups can detect complications in their earliest stages.

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In regards to general dentistry, it's important for the patient to get a regular six-month check-up, to take x-rays, to take care of their cleaning because sometimes they don't know that something is going on, or they have a cavity underneath a filling, or a bridge that is failing, or a tooth that is being affected by periodontal problems. So this is the best way to not get any surprises down the road. And we do services like orthodontics. We do orthodontics, we do Invisalign, we do have our own root canal specialist. We have our own periodontist and oral surgeon as well. Better oral of health is linked to your overall health because there have been studies that show that periodontal disease is linked to heart problems. Good oral health is very important to the patient's overall health.


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