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Dr. Valenzuela how he uses CAD/CAM technology to create dental crowns and bridges. He has an in-house laboratory where he can ensure the quality of each restoration. Dr. Valenzuela's technology, skills, and expertise help ensure patient satisfaction.

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A porcelain crown is a full-coverage restoration. It covers an entire tooth and it's when a tooth has been fractured or has been chipped off and you can't reconstruct it with composite. And the bridge is basically full-coverage restoration that relies on the neighboring teeth where one has been missing. Most patients are good candidates to receive dental crowns and bridges. As long as there is a fair amount of tooth left or retention, there can be good expectations with a crown or a bridge, as well as good bone support or no periodontal problems. What we use is CAD/CAM technology. What we use is also an internal scanner to perform this technology. We also use a laser as well. For crowns and bridges, we have our own lab, which helps speed up the process, as well as supervise the quality of the procedure or of the lab work being performed. Our crown and bridge patients are typically pleased with the restorations they receive here, as well as our veneer patients. We do our own veneers as well.

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