Crown Lengthening


Dr. Valenzuela explains crown lengthening, a 30-minute procedure in which excess gum tissue is removed. Their dental laser makes the procedure more comfortable and expedites healing with no need for sutures. Removing excess gum tissue can provide a dramatic enhancement in the appearance of your smile.

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A crown lengthening is a procedure when part of the gum is trimmed. Patients that have a high smile or a gummy smile, that show an excess of three millimeters of gum, that they're not pleased with their smile, they get this procedure done by our periodontist. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. There's slight discomfort associated with it and sometimes there's minimal to no bleeding and it's done with a laser. The laser helps achieve minimal bleeding by cauterizing or closing down the blood vessels, making it more precise and minimally invasive. Patients are typically pleased with the crown lengthening procedures because it helps them achieve a more aesthetic smile, a more pleasing smile.


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