Is It Safe to Get Dental Implants in Mexico By Jose Valenzuela on October 15, 2021

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Dental implants are the most advanced replacement for missing teeth. They are tiny titanium screws surgically placed in the jaw to replicate missing tooth roots and anchor dental restorations. Dental implants restore the strength, function, and beauty of the smile while stimulating the jaw to prevent degeneration.

For all the benefits that dental implants offer, one drawback is cost. People can save money by getting dental implants in Mexico, but many wonder, “is it safe to get dental implants in Mexico?” Individuals in Los Algodones, Mexico, Mexicali, and surrounding areas can read on to learn how Jose Valenzuela, DDS, ensures that dental implant treatment in Mexico is safe for his patients.

Care Standards in Mexico

One of the greatest concerns that people have when considering dental implant treatment in Mexico is the quality of care. It is a common misconception that Mexico lacks the health and safety regulations that make people feel comfortable receiving medical and dental care in the United States. In actuality, Mexico’s laws and standards of care are equivalent to those in the United States. And Dr. Valenzuela is committed to meeting all U.S. safety standards at his Los Algodones dental practice. This allows patients to receive dental care at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing the quality of the care they receive.

Am I Safe Traveling in Mexico?

Another concern that people may have when coordinating dental implant treatment in Mexico is travel safety. Some people are unsure if they will be safe traveling within the country to make it to and from their dental appointment, while others just don’t feel comfortable making travel and accommodation arrangements within a country that is unfamiliar to them.

To make all aspects of dental care safe and easy, our team coordinates all accommodations for our patients from the moment they leave their homes. We arrange transportation and book a nearby hotel for their stay. These accommodations are all included in the total cost of dental implant treatment.

What If I Don’t Speak Spanish?

Dental implant treatment involves multiple complex procedures. It is important that people understand each aspect of treatment and can ask questions and receive the information necessary to make them feel comfortable about their care. This is understandably difficult if a language barrier exists, which is another reason people may not feel safe undergoing dental implant treatment in Mexico.

Individuals considering dental implant treatment at our Mexico dental practice can rest assured that they do not need to speak Spanish. All of our personnel who deal with patients are fluent in English so that they can communicate freely and answer any questions that patients may have.

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Not only is it safe to undergo dental implant treatment in Mexico, but it is also much more affordable than treatment in the United States. If you would like to find out how the staff at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center can help you plan dental treatment in Mexico, contact us online or call (928) 792-2156 at your earliest convenience.

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