Scaling and Root Planing Can Treat Gum Disease and Prepare You for Your Cosmetic Procedure

A healthy smile is necessary before you can receive any aesthetic treatment at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center. Therefore, if you are suffering from gum disease, Dr. Jose Valenzuela, Jr., will first recommend appropriate periodontal care. Our on-site periodontist can perform scaling and root planing at our Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico, practice. Also known as a deep cleaning, this treatment will eradicate bacteria and restore your healthy gums. In this way, it can protect your teeth and dental roots. Scaling and root planing can also ease dental sensitivity and gum inflammation. We utilize modern diode lasers and ultrasonic scalers to perform periodontal treatments. As a result, your care will be faster, more comfortable, and more thorough.

Gum Disease and Its Causes

Scaling and root planing is one of the most common and effective treatments for moderate gum disease. In its initial form, gum disease is called gingivitis and can be reversed. In advanced stages, gingivitis becomes periodontitis. Also known as periodontal disease, this condition arises when there is excess bacteria in your mouth. The same microbes responsible for cavities can move to your gum tissue, creating pockets around your dental roots. There, they can cause inflammation, bleeding, and sensitivity. As the pockets expand, they can also cause your gums to pull away from your dental roots, putting you at a high risk for tooth loss.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to gum disease. Poor oral hygiene is the most common. Without regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, bacteria can flourish in your mouth. However, you could still suffer from gum disease, even if you maintain good dental habits. There is a genetic component to the disease, as well, so if your parents suffer from the condition, you could be at a higher risk of developing it yourself. Hormonal changes, a compromised immune system, certain medications, bruxism, and a poor diet can also lead to gum disease.

A young child receives dental treatment
Young children are very susceptible to gum disease, so it is important to establish good oral hygiene habits early. 

Before your deep cleaning, our periodontist will numb your gums with local anesthesia. Then he will remove the pockets of bacteria from your gums using our modern diode laser. This device is remarkably precise. As a result, your practitioner can thoroughly eradicate bacteria with very little impact on the healthy tissue nearby. Then he will use an ultrasonic scaler to carefully smooth your dental roots. This step will eliminate the rough spots and microscopic fissures where bacteria can hide. If needed, he will also apply a topical antibacterial gel or solution.

The Benefits of a Deep Cleaning

Scaling and root planing can have dramatic benefits. First, the treatment can end inflammation, bleeding, and bad breath. It can also protect your oral health by preventing gum recession, tooth loss, and jawbone degeneration. Furthermore, periodontitis has been linked to other life-threatening health conditions. Multiple studies show that patients with gum disease face a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, and pregnancy complications, among other problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from the symptoms of gum disease, it is important to receive treatment as soon as possible.

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Valenzuela also understands that scaling and root planing can protect the look of your smile. You cannot receive cosmetic care if you are struggling with active gum disease.  Untreated, it can cause your soft tissues to recede dramatically. Gum disease can cause tooth loss, and it can weaken dental implants. Gum recession can also give you an aged appearance, spoiling the results of your cosmetic procedure.

Also known as a deep cleaning, scaling and root planing will eradicate bacteria and restore your healthy gums.

What to Expect after Treatment

A deep cleaning can ease your gum disease symptoms. Initially, however, you may experience some sensitivity as a result of the procedure itself. We can prescribe mild anti-inflammatories, or we can suggest anti-sensitivity products to reduce discomfort. Some temporary dietary changes, such as avoiding very hot and very cold foods, can also help. After a few weeks, you should be able to enjoy an unrestricted diet.

Scaling and root planing is a vital procedure for your oral and physical health. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that gum disease is still a chronic condition with no permanent cure. Fortunately, conscientious care can prevent flare-ups and protect your smile. You must brush at least twice a day and floss at least once. Of course, it is also important to visit your general dentist regularly for exams and cleanings. Dr. Valenzuela and his team will also schedule a follow-up about six weeks after your deep cleaning. At this time, we can assess your progress and determine whether you are ready to begin cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Improve Gum Health

If you want to undergo cosmetic treatment, but you are held back by poor gum health, contact us online to schedule your deep cleaning. You can also book an appointment when you call (866) 838-5148.

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