All-on-4 Aftercare and Cleaning By Dr. Jose Valenzuela on June 16, 2021

Woman smiling and talking on her phoneMissing or damaged teeth negatively impact a person’s appearance, oral health, and quality of life. All-on-4® dental implants can support a full denture, allow you to bite, chew, speak, and smile with renewed confidence.

Dr. Jose Valenzuela Jr. has helped countless patients at his practice serving Los Algodones, Mexico, and Mexicali. If you are interested in this procedure, we’d like to give you a look at the All-on-4 aftercare process. This will provide a better understanding of how All-on-4 works and what patients can expect after surgery.

Why Aftercare Matters

Proper aftercare leads to healthy, fully functioning All-on-4 dental implants. It can reduce the risk of complications as the implants fuse with the jawbone (osseointegration). Good aftercare also helps prevent implant failure in the future.

Get Ample Rest

Patients should slow down and avoid strenuous activity after dental implant surgery. This will give your body a chance to heal, and prevents potential complications associated with overexertion and strain.

How to Manage Swelling

Swelling is a common side effect after All-on-4, though it’s only temporary. Most patients will notice welling several hours after the implants have been placed.

To keep swelling under control and manage discomfort, place a cold compress against the swollen part of your face for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the cold compress for 20 minutes, and repeat that pattern as needed. Swelling should diminish after three days, but it may last up to ten days.

Bleeding After Implant Placement

Light bleeding at the incision site is normal after surgery. If you experience excessive bleeding, blot your gumline with gauze and place light pressure on the affected area. Call Dr. Valenzuela’s office immediately for further instructions.

Post-Op Medications

Dr. Valenzuela will prescribe post-operative medication to curb infection and pain:

  • Antibiotics should be taken as directed
  • Antibacterial mouthwash may be prescribed to reduce risk of infection
  • For moderate pain, take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) as directed
  • Prescription pain killers may be prescribed to address severe pain

What to Eat After All-on-4 Implants Are Placed

Enjoy plenty of chilled, highly nutritious liquids during the initial days after treatment. We suggest protein shakes and smoothies as meal replacements.

For the first six weeks, consume a diet that primarily consists of soft foods. If something is difficult to cut with just a fork, do not eat it during this time.

Oral Hygiene After All-on-4

Proper oral hygiene is essential to protecting and preserving All-on-4 dental implants. Rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution up to five times per day as the dental implant site heals.

After All-on-4 dental implants have healed, cleaning is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and use a proximal brush to clean around the implant and denture. You can use super floss or a water flosser to clean the hard to reach places around the dental implants. Be sure to clean the denture itself as well, and to take out the denture and soak it in water overnight.

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If you have additional questions about All-on-4 dental implants, call (866) 223-6147 or send us a message online. Dr. Valenzuela and the entire team at our Los Algodones practice looks forward to hearing from you.

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