What Is a Periodontist – And How Can They Help Me? By Jose Valenzuela on March 30, 2023

Uncomfortable woman holding hand up to her cheekMaybe you’ve noticed loose gums around your teeth. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with tooth pain that just won’t go away. Or, you feel something gritty on the back of a tooth. After searching on the internet, you may have learned that you might need to see someone called a periodontist. If you’re wondering what a periodontist is – and where to find one – Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center can help. In fact, even before you consider visiting our Los Algodones, Mexico, practice, we’ll walk you through the crucial role our periodontist plays in improving patient health.

A Periodontist Is:

A Dental Specialist

If you have inflamed, recessed, or loose gums, you may have gum disease – and you need someone who can specifically treat your symptoms. That person is a periodontist. They’re more qualified than your average dentist because they continue their education for an additional three years to become a periodontist.

Someone Who Improves Your Health

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can affect your gums, teeth, and jaw. Gum disease starts as gingivitis, which is milder and easier to treat. Without at-home and in-office care, it can worsen. Fortunately, a qualified periodontist can improve your oral health and the function of your smile.

Guided by Technology

In addition to their extra years of training, periodontists can also use advanced technology for higher standards of care. For instance, our Los Algodones, Mexico practice is home to digital radiography tech, a CAT machine, and digital imaging software. These tools allow our periodontist to see more accurate scans of your teeth, gum, and jaws so that your periodontal treatment can be customized to your needs. We also use laser dentistry, which can safely address gum recession and loose gums.

A Professional Preventing Further Problems

Over time, plaque can form on your teeth, reaching down to the roots and inflaming the gums. If it’s not removed by flossing, brushing, or regular dental visits, then it can solidify into tartar. Tartar is physically harder, and must be removed by a dentist or it can cause periodontal disease. Our periodontist can remove tartar, preventing periodontal disease from causing gum damage, tooth loss, and even heart problems.

Help You Avoid Future Dental Expenses

Visiting a periodontist allows you to treat your gum disease before it worsens. Ultimately, this can prevent more intensive treatments down the line, like the need for dental implants and restorations. In turn, this can save you money, making periodontal treatment a crucial investment in your health and future finances.

Contact Our Periodontist at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center

Cost, anxiety, and a lack of information are all common reasons for patients to delay dental care. We address all three with our thoughtful pricing, sedation options, and skilled periodontist. While waiting to see the dentist can give periodontal disease time to spread, care may be more affordable than you think. Patients travel to our Los Algodones, Mexico, office from across the border to experience a high standard of care at a better price. You can too – so contact us or call (928) 792-2156 to learn more.

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