Enjoy a Smooth Recovery following an Extraction with These Tips By Jose Valenzuela on April 26, 2020

Illustration shows molar hovering over open socketTooth extraction is a commonly performed restorative treatment that can address crowded teeth, tooth decay, and other dental problems.

Following your tooth extraction at our dental practice, serving Yuma, AZ, and nearby areas, you will begin a recovery period while your gums and jawbone heal. Patients have an important role to play by following their recovery guidelines after a tooth extraction. Dr. Jose Valenzuela of the Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center provides patients with everything they need to know about aftercare and healing.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Following your tooth extraction, a blood clot will form in the extraction site. To help control bleeding, Dr. Valenzuela will pack gauze over your wound. During your recovery, which can take seven to 10 days, follow these general guidelines.

Prevent Dry Socket

Dry socket is a dangerous and often painful complication. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot dislodges and leaves the underlying bone exposed. To prevent this complication, avoid using straws or any action (spiting, aggressively rinsing) that causes suction inside your mouth. Tobacco use is a known risk factor for dry socket. Lastly, stick to soft foods to prevent the condition.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Habits

It is important to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Good oral hygiene habits can lower your risk of infection and dry socket. Be careful to avoid brushing near the extraction site. Avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol for a day or two after tooth extraction.

Rest with Your Head Elevated

Adequate sleep is an important component of recovery and healing. When you do sleep, elevate your head with comfortable pillows. Sleeping with your head elevated at 45 degrees will reduce swelling and promote healing. 

Watch What You Eat

Your diet following tooth extraction is important for two main reasons. One, a healthy diet allows your body to heal quickly and efficiently. Two, the texture of the foods you eat can help or harm your healing gums. Until you are fully healed, try to focus on soft foods like puddings, yogurt, soups, and yes– even ice cream.

Hard and crunchy foods can irritate or injure your incisions. Nuts, chips, and other crunchy foods should be avoided for at least one week. 

Take Pain Medications as Directed

Taking pain medications as directed can help you avoid unwanted side effects. Be sure to avoid alcohol consumption if you are taking these drugs. Consuming alcohol while on prescription pain medications can be particularly dangerous. If you experience a spike in pain at any point during your recovery, call our Yuma, AZ-area office immediately and describe your pain-related symptoms.

Follow Your Recovery Guidelines Closely

Following your tooth extraction, Dr. Valenzuela will provide you with detailed recovery guidelines. These instructions are intended to prevent dangerous complications. If you have any questions about the guidelines, someone at our office will be glad to answer your question.

Schedule Your Tooth Extraction Today

Tooth extractions are more comfortable than many patients imagine. Once your tooth has been safely extracted, you will become eligible for orthodontic treatment or an implant-retained crown, bridge, or denture. To schedule your tooth extraction, please contact our office online or call (866) 223-6147. We provide convenient, accessible care for Yuma residents and patients traveling from surrouding communities. 

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