PRGF® for Dental Implant Surgery: Benefits for Patients By Jose Valenzuela on March 29, 2018

Blood samples in a centrifugeDental implants have worked wonders for so many patients over the years. People who are missing teeth can have custom dentures and bridges anchored in place with artificial tooth roots, which offer a hold comparable to natural tooth roots.

The team at our Los Algodones, MX practice has been proud to offer PRGF® technology to enhance the oral surgery process. Thanks to PRGF®, patients experience a host of benefits that make the implant dentistry process even better than before. Let’s cover the basics of PRGF® technology and what advantages it offers to patients.

What Is PRGF® Technology?

PRGF® stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factor. This uses platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is created by isolating the plasma proteins from the rest of a patient’s blood. Thanks to PRGF® technology, patients will experienced improved recovery and healing following the oral surgery.

How PRGF® Technology Works

First, a blood samples carefully taken from a patient. Once the blood sample is taken, it is then run through a centrifuge. The centrifugal force will separate the PRP from the other components that make up the patient’s blood.

The isolated PRP is then injected into the treatment area where the oral surgery has been performed. It’s as simple as that, and the overall PRGF® procedure only takes about 15 minutes.

Why Use It During Dental Implant Surgery

The PRP that’s separated as part of the PRGF® technology is essential in promoting healing processes of the body, such as proper clotting and the stimulation of stem cells. PRP has been used in countless medical procedures to improve the recovery and healing experience for patients.

Thanks to PRP, dental implants patients can experience the benefits that others who’ve had PRP used during their procedures. This is important for implant dentistry in particular, as the PRGF® technology can improve the success rate of the months-long healing process.

The Benefits of PRGF® Technology

There are a few key benefits to PRGF® technology:

  • Lower Infection Risk - PRP can seal the treatment area from potential causes of infection
  • Faster Patient Healing - PRP can promote tissue regeneration, which makes the healing process go by a bit faster
  • Biocompatibility - A patient’s own blood is being used, so there is no risk of allergic reactions or rejection of the PRP
  • Fast and Convenient - Performed on-site and in just a matter of minutes, there is no prolonged waits for PRGF® technology to be used
  • A History of Results - Since PRP has been used in medical treatments for years, PRGF® technology has a solid grounding in facts and research to back up anecdotes from patients on advantages and benefits

Is PRGF® Technology Right for Me?

PRGF® technology may be ideal for you if you are undergoing dental implant surgery or another type of oral surgery procedure. During a consultation, we can go over the applications of PRGF® technology and determine if you are an ideal candidate for it.

Learn More About Advanced Dental Surgery

For more information about dental implants and new technology that makes oral surgery safer and more effective, be sure to contact Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center. We look forward to discussing these matters with you in much greater detail.

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