Why Laser Periodontal Therapy Is a Major Innovation

A dental laserLaser dentistry refers to the use of laser technology in the dental office. There are various hard tissue and soft tissues lasers that can be used by dentists for a variety of needs, such as diagnostics, prepping teeth for restorations, and even performing oral surgery. Whether a dentist is trying to detect the first hints of tooth decay or is drilling to make room for a filling, a dental laser can play a part in treatment.

Lasers offer many advantages over the tools and instruments of the past, which is why they have become an integral part of our state-of-the-art Los Algodones dental practice. It's also why we often use dental lasers to help treat the problematic gum tissue and address the diverse periodontal health needs of our patients.

Lasers for the Gums

Many dental lasers are used to help treat the gums, allowing dentists to perform oral surgery and make fine adjustments to the gumline and gum tissue. These can be crucial parts of treating gum disease, improving the appearance of the gums, and helping ensure a patient experiences optimal dental health.

Laser Gum Contouring

When a person has a smile in which the gums are too prominent, one option to consider for treatment is laser gum contouring. Thanks to laser gum contouring, the excess gum tissue can be removed, allowing patients to experience better looking and better contoured gumlines in the process. The results of laser gum contouring are extremely natural, and few people will realize that you've had any work done.

Oral Surgery Using Lasers

Sometimes when gum disease has seriously impacted the health of the gums, or when periodontal health is severely impacted by other issues, oral surgery will be necessary. Thanks to dental lasers, dentists can carefully excise the unhealthy gum tissue and make adjustments to the gumline as needed. The lasers can be used on their own or in combination with traditional grafting methods to enhance the health of your smile.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are so popular among dentists and patients because of their many benefits over traditional surgical instruments. These include:

  • Less Bleeding During Oral Surgery – Soft tissue dental lasers cauterize as they cut. This means patients experience far less bleeding during laser gum procedures than they would if a scalpel were used.

  • Reduced Risk of Infection – Since patients bleed less and the lasers cauterize incisions, patients are far less likely to experience infection during and after their oral surgery. Fewer surgical risks is always a good thing.

  • Faster Healing Times for Patients – With less bleeding during surgery, patients tend to be on the road to recovery sooner. Laser gum treatments result in shorter healing times for patients compared to traditional oral surgery.

  • Less Patient Discomfort – Thanks to dental lasers and their unique qualities, patients tend to heal faster and experience milder side effects as they heal.

Committed to State-of-the-Art Care

Laser dentistry is just one facet of our advanced approach to dental care. Using the latest tools, techniques, and treatments, we hope that all of our patients are able to experience the many joys of great dental health.

Learn More About Advanced Periodontal Care

For more information about laser periodontal care and other state-of-the-art dental care treatments, be sure to contact an experienced dentist today. The team at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Center is here to help you smile with renewed confidence.


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