Can I Get Dental Implants Immediately After Tooth Extraction? By Jose Valenzuela on May 20, 2017

An x-ray of a person's mouthMany people come to Dental Implant Center here in Baja California because of our record of excellent results. We always take time to ensure successful treatment with dental implants. That means proper implementation of a treatment plan.

One of the key components of successful implant dentistry is timing. With that in mind, let's consider the placement of dental implants following a tooth extraction and why timing is so crucial.

Timing Is Important When Getting Dental Implants

In order to ensure the best results from the placement of dental implants, oral surgeons and dentists must consider the timing of implant placement. Sometimes patients will be able to receive their dental implant or implants right after a tooth extraction, while other patients may have to schedule an addition visit before they have an implant placed. It varies from patient to patient, as well as from tooth to tooth.

Options for Implant Placement After Tooth Extraction

There are essentially three options for dental implant placement with regard to tooth extraction:

  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Early Implant Placement
  • Delayed Implant Placement

Let's explore each of these options in more detail below.

Immediate Implant Placement

Immediate implant placement means that a patient can have a dental implant placed immediately after they have undergone a tooth extraction. In these cases, the extracted tooth tends to be an incisor, a canine, or a premolar that has a narrow tooth root. When immediate implant placement is an option, the extraction and implant placement take place on the same visit.

Keep in mind that having sufficient bone and gum tissue in place is important for immediate implant placement. After a few months of healing have taken place, the dental implant will be properly healed and ready to support a restoration, such as a crown or bridge.

Early Implant Placement

Early implant placement means that there will be some healing time between the extraction of a tooth and the placement of a dental implant. This often means two to three months between extraction and implant placement. This is typical for molars and premolars that have multiple roots, as well as canines that have wide tooth roots.

The two to three months of healing time allows the jawbone to recover from the extraction and be in proper condition to accept a dental implant. In essence, a healing period helps ensure future treatment success.

Delayed Implant Placement

Delayed implant placement refers to cases in which there is not sufficient jawbone or gum tissue in the area of the tooth gap following an extraction. To remedy this situation, bone grafting and gum grafting will be necessary. These oral surgeries build up the necessary tissues to support a dental implant or multiple dental implants.

The soft tissue or hard tissue grafts will typically require several months to full heal. At that point, a patient will finally be ready for the placement of their dental implants. Acting too soon could mean treatment failure.

Learn More About Dental Implants

For more information about dental implants and how they can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The team at Dental Implant Center will work closely with you to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

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