Top 5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants By Jose Valenzuela on May 07, 2012

Dental Implants and Your Smile

The holidays have come and gone.  Confetti has been swept up, wreaths have been tucked away, and eggnog has been deemed repulsive—until next year at least.  All that remains from the holly jolly season is a list that is plastered to your refrigerator door.  The dreaded New Year’s resolution list that usually goes unnoticed as soon as it is created.

But instead of letting your aspirations disappear, why not do something this year that not only improves your health, but makes you feel good about yourself too? This year, why not improve your smile with the help of Dr. Jose Valenzuela and dental implants?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that help provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth that are created to match your natural teeth.  Dental implants not only give you a durable solution to replace missing teeth, but they look as natural as they feel.

To learn why you should consider dental implants, keep reading Dr. Valenzuela’s blog!

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

If you are missing any teeth, or you have dentures that are constantly slipping, then it is time to consider a solution that will make you smile.  Check out the top 5 reasons to choose dental implants:

  • Improved Appearance-if you have a missing tooth, then you might feel self-conscious about the missing gap in your mouth.  With dental implants, you no longer have to worry about if people are staring at your missing tooth—it’s simple, with dental implants, they are noticing your beautiful smile!
  • Better Speech­- missing a tooth can lead to impaired speech, which can not only be embarrassing, but can be frustrating.  By replacing gaps with dental implants, you can restore your speech and feel your best.
  • The Durability-you do not have to worry about slippage, or if your dental implants are going to last.  Dental implants are durable, comfortable, and feel like natural teeth meaning that you can eat, drink, and smile without hesitation.
  • An “Up” in Self-Esteem- one of the first things that people notice when they meet you is your smile, and it can make a lasting impression.  Let dental implants help you to make that impression that you have always wanted and give you the confidence to live each and every day with pride.
  • Improve Your Oral Health- who doesn’t want good oral health?  Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, along with a host of other problems.  By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you are promoting a healthy state of your oral health.


If you think that dental implants could be a right fit for you, feel free to contact Dr. Jose Valenzuela of Algodones, Mexico.  Dr. Valenzuela will answer all of your questions and explain the dental implants procedure in full.  With a consultation, you will have the confidence knowing that you have met a doctor with the skills and technology to deliver you with the best results.

So if you want to get a jump on goals to better yourself, call Dr. Valenzuela to discuss dental implants.  There is no better way to continue the year than with a smile!



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