Consequences of Tooth Loss By Jose Valenzuela on April 27, 2012

Tooth Loss and Your Smile

The alarm clock goes off and you instantly throw off the covers and rush to the bathroom.  “There is not time to be late today,” you mumble to yourself as you head into the shower. “I have to get ready for my job interview!”

You get dressed in your brand new, navy-blue suit.  Shiny, polished shoes are added to the ensemble, along with your dressy watch.  You hurry to the mirror for one last look-over.  As you brush your hair, one last time, you smile.  All that you can see is a missing tooth that is peaking out of the back corner of your mouth.  “I don’t want anyone to see that missing tooth,” you say to yourself with a sigh.  You scoop up your resume and head out the door.

Not only is a missing tooth a blow to your self-confidence, but a missing tooth can actually be related to a host of other problems.  However, you do not have to live with these confidence or dental health issues any more.  With Dr. Jose Valenzuela in your Los Algodones neighborhood, not only can you learn about the issues surrounding tooth loss, but you have the tools to help fix it!

Keep reading more to find out more about tooth loss and tooth loss solutions!

Consequences of Tooth Loss

So you might be wondering, “What is so bad about missing a tooth?”  A missing tooth is much more than a gap in your smile.  Missing teeth can be responsible for a wide array of dental health problems including:

  • Speech Problems- believe it or not, missing teeth actually have an impact on how you speak.  When teeth are replaced, your speech can be restored.
  • Avoidance of CertainFoods- if foods are difficult to chew when teeth are missing, then you might start avoiding those foods all together.  In-turn, you might be avoiding foods with key nutrients that your body needs, leading to even more health issues.
  • Embarrassment to Show Smile- self-confidence is part of everyday life.  When you are embarrassed to show your smile, then that plays a role in each and every one of your days. 
  • Teeth Shifting- when teeth are missing, there is nothing to stop the other teeth from shifting to try to fill the gaps’ place.  In turn, a once “straight smile” can shift and become “crooked.”
  • Strain on Other Teeth- if teeth are missing, than the bite can become misaligned.  TMJ Disorder can develop, while addition strain can be placed on the teeth and the structures that help support the teeth as well.

So What Can I Do?

If you or someone you know is suffering from tooth loss, there is someone who can help.  Dr. Valenzuela is a skilled dentist with the latest and best technology to ensure that your teeth shine at their brightest. 

Not only does Dr. Valenzuela’s office include digital X-Rays, high magnification intraoral cameras, and computerized operatories to keep you informed about your dental care, but he also has the tools to make missing teeth disappear—dental implants.

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are implanted in your jawbone so you have the most natural look and feel, just like real teeth.  With dental implants, you will not have to worry about embarrassment from missing teeth or the dental implications.  You can just show your smile to the world without hesitation.

To discuss your dental care, give Dr. Valenzuela a call at 866-223-6147!  Let him show you the possibilities of having the smile that you deserve!




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