Drugs and their Affect on the Teeth By Jose Valenzuela on April 13, 2011

Drugs, tobacco products, and alcohol can all have adverse effects on your overall health. What you should also keep in mind is that these can all have adverse affects on your dental health as well. Our dental care staff has a great deal of experience dealing with various dental problems related to all three of these substances, including the use of Palm Springs dental implants and teeth whitening. We want to briefly go over the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on your smile right now.

One of the major drug problems in the country is meth use. Apart from destroying lives and affecting a person’s ability to function normally, meth use can lead to a horrible condition called “meth mouth.” This involves the rotting and deterioration of the teeth which can also affect the gums. Advanced tooth damage and tooth decay can eventually result in tooth loss and major problems for the other structure of your mouth.

Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking red wine can all lead to staining of the teeth over time. Smoking can also have an adverse affect on the health of your gums, and chewing tobacco can lead to major gum problems and oral cancers. It’s advisable that you quit smoking and be sure to avoid drinking in excess in order to maintain good dental health overall.

In order to deal with these different dental problems, our team can use various available treatments. One option in cases of advanced tooth decay is to use Palm Springs dental crowns. These will cap teeth and protect them from further damage. For teeth that are too damaged or decayed, tooth extraction followed by tooth replacement may be best. Teeth whitening options are available for stains or discoloration.

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