Mini Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dental Implants By Jose Valenzuela on February 16, 2011

Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, implant dentistry is one of the best possible options you have for filling that gap. There are some different options you have where dental implants are concerned though. You may have heard of mini dental implants, for instance, and wonder just what that entails. How is it different from traditional dental implants? What makes the two processes similar? The team here at our Palm Springs implant dentistry practice want to take a look at both traditional dental implants and mini dental implants so you know what your options are.

About Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone and gum tissue. Over the course of a few months, a period of osseointegration takes place. (This means that the dental implant is made a part of your jaw and gum tissue, essentially.) Once this is completed, the dental implant is capped by a single artificial tooth or used to hold dental bridges or dentures in place.

About Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are much like traditional dental implants, but they do not require the lengthy period of osseointegration. Instead, the mini dental implants can be successfully placed in just an hour or two in the dentist’s office. This will involve the placement of a specially made dental implant that can be stabilized into the existing jawbone and gum tissue quite efficiently. When this mini dental implant is placed, it is then used to hold Palm Springs dental crowns or other sorts of dental restorations. Mini dental implants are finished in a single visit.

Which Kind of Dental Implants Are Right for Me?

Not everyone is a good candidate for mini dental implants, so the answer is not so easy. Your dentist will need to make that call based on your bone structure and bone density, the health of your gums, and other factors.

If you would like more information on dental implants options as well as other matters related to dental care and dental health, it is important that you contact our cosmetic and implant dentistry office serving Palm Springs. When you come to our office for a consultation, you will be able to discuss all of these matters with our team at great length.

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