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Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of solutions to the age-old problem of tooth discoloration. Among the most effective and immediate of the various methods of tooth bleaching, Zoom! tooth whitening allows patients to brighten their teeth by up to ten shades in approximately an hour – about the length of a normal lunch break. In that short time, you can erase years of stains and wear and tear from your teeth, restoring your smile’s natural brilliant radiance. If your teeth wear the effects of years of stains from coffee, cigarettes, wine, medication, tea, or other staining agents, Zoom! can take years off of your appearance and reinvigorate your smile.

The beauty of Zoom! lies in its simplicity: a hydrogen-peroxide-based gel is applied to the teeth and, upon exposure to a special, proprietary light, is broken down so that it penetrates the natural enamel of the teeth. It gets to the very source of stains, bleaching them clean. Even extremely stubborn sources of discoloration will be dramatically lightened, if not removed entirely.

The results of Zoom! treatment are consistently impressive. Many people who undergo this revolutionary teeth whitening procedure report an increase in their self-confidence and self-esteem. By investing just an hour of your time, you, too, can treat yourself to a smile you’ll be proud to flash everywhere you go.

To learn more about Zoom! teeth whitening, please contact Dr. Jose Valenzuela at the Dental Implant Center in Los Algodones, convenient to Yuma, Palm Springs, and communities throughout Arizona, California, and North America.


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